Important Back to School Carpool Tips

Our crew at Motorcars of Lansing wanted to pass along a few carpool safety tips to ensure everyone is safer on the roads as school starts again. How can you prepare the whole family for an effortless carpool experience?

Make certain to have the children in the carpool to exit the car curbside. These kids are a bundle of energy in the morning, and they may reach for the door handle and be in the road before you have a chance to reach for the door locks. Make certain the doors stay locked and the children are only getting out…

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How to Get Your Car Clean and Ready to Impress

You've decided to take an impromptu road trip with your family, but your car is a complete mess and you have no room to pack anything. Take a few minutes to regroup and give your vehicle a quick cleaning. It doesn't take long to get your vehicle back in order, regardless of how messy it may be. Let us here at Motorcars of Lansing give you a few tips:

  • Remove everything from your vehicle that you can.
  • Throw away trash and take items back in the house that don't belong in your vehicle.
  • Wipe down your surfaces…
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Ever Wondered What Information a Vehicle History Report Reveals?


Buying used vehicles can be more risky that new ones because you don't know the history of the vehicle. If it was involved in serious accidents or if its previous owners skipped some its regular maintenance, this can predict future repair costs.


You can remove the mysteries of a used vehicle by reading its vehicle history report. Also known as a VIN check, a vehicle history report is a document used to research a…

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Are Backup Cameras More Than Just Fancy Perks?


If you haven't purchased a vehicle in a few years, chances are your current one doesn't have a backup camera. This feature may seem like a fancy perk that just adds to the cost of purchase. Are backup cameras all they are cracked up to be?


Back-up cameras are button-sized devices that allow drivers to see people or objects that can't be detected using the rearview or side mirrors. In other words…

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What’s the Difference Between Towing and Payload?


Here at Motorcars of Lansing, we know how important it is to be informed on the different features available on your truck. Let’s dive in and look at what the towing and payload features of your truck can do.


What exactly can your truck pull? While the two features are similar, they refer to different terms. When you’re towing a trailer, you’re going to look at the towing capacity. The towing capacity…

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Using Your Pickup Truck to Enjoy a Great Tailgating Experience


Our auto service and sales team wants you to make the most of your summer, and one of the ways that you can do that is by using your pickup truck to help you have a great tailgating experience.


If you want to be prepared for any tailgate situation, you should keep a toolbox filled with tailgating tools in the back of your vehicle at all times. Prepare for your tailgating experience by getting the…

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Tire Sizes – Cracking the Code

 Tire sizes can seem quite cryptic. Thankfully once you know where to look and what you’re looking at, it becomes strikingly simple. Let’s take a look. 

The tire should begin with one or two letters. "P" means it’s a standard US passenger tire. "LT" means it’s meant for light trucks (not semis). No letter indicates a European tire. The first three numbers measure the tire from one sidewall to the next…

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Service Your Vehicle in the Spring to Prepare for Summer

 Spring is in the air, and you may be contemplating what types of cleaning and repairs you need to undertake around the house. But what about your vehicle? It has been a long, hard winter and now that summer is just around the corner, it is time to perform maintenance on your vehicle. 

Following the manufacturer's service schedule for prescribed tasks such as changing the oil and oil filter after a set amount of…

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Don't Get Caught Unprepared on the Side of the Road

 It always happens when you least expect it; you're driving along fine one minute, the next thing you know you're stranded on the side of the road. Every motorist should store an emergency roadside kit in their vehicle. 

If you're stranded because of a vehicle malfunction, it might be something you can repair yourself. Be sure to include jumper cables, antifreeze, motor oil, tools and a charged air compressor in your kit…

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How to Maintain the Integrity of Belts and Hoses

When you can identify warning signs that the car's hoses or belts are close to failing, you'll avoid being stranded on the road with a car that is overheating. The hoses on your vehicle have to move fluids through different parts in an effort to keep them cool. If the hoses break, those parts could fail. Look very carefully at the hoses for signs of cracks or bulges. If the hoses have soft…

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